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Copenhagen Autumn 2023 – Opening date, August 31st, September 1st and 2nd; right now, in the making, preparing artwork for an exhibition in Copenhagen. The exhibition will focus on artwork, all based on my first meeting with the city, the Nordic Functionalism and the link to Bauhaus and my own art language. Also, this exhibition will show a range of new iron sculptures – all a three-dimensional interpretation linking the Nordic forms and my art together!


My first visit to Copenhagen was a huge inspiration to a further development of my art. Including my previous visits to Finland studying Alvar Alto, The Nordic Functionalism, The Nordic Design tradition, and the simplicity in the use of material, is a huge inspiration for the artwork I have now in the making.

My visit to Louisiana art museum, seeing artwork here I found very different from other museums, this, because of the special architecture - the placement of Louisiana in the landscape, the closeness to nature, forest and the Øresund sea and the quietness. Especially I enjoyed the outdoor sculpture of Richard Serra - a great inspiration.
The ongoing exhibition in Madrid with Pablo Palazuelo is a must see – his artwork is all about geometric art, and like my artwork, he also includes poetry, architecture and mathematics!


​In the future I will split my artwork to be made in two cities: Barcelona and Copenhagen. Both great cities, but each with different source of inspiration. My studio in Barcelona is in the renewing process to become an upscaled Gallery, and from there I will still produce my artwork, exhibit my art, and the framework, as I used to for my regular clients.From Copenhagen I will from time to time produce and exhibit art, closely inspired by the Nordic functionalistic language.

© 2023 Gabriel Pereyra

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